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70k Word Manuscript includes an editorial memo and four weekly chats (45 mins) in the Salon - no line edits.
4-week 1:1 Workshop includes up to 20 pages a week (comments on each submission), four weekly chats (45 mins) in the Salon.
4-week Motivational Coaching includes four weekly chats (45 mins each), accountability and motivation, no direct feedback on submissions.
Modern Love Package includes one line edit of up to 1200 word Modern Love submission, and detailed suggestions for revision, plus one meeting to discuss goals and submission process with Jessica Henriquez.
Novel Consult includes line edit and editorial memo for full novel mss (up to 70k words), plus four check-ins once a week in the Salon.
Memoir Consult includes line edit and editorial memo for full memoir or personal essay collection mss (up to 70k words), plus four check-ins once a week in the Salon.
MFA Consult includes thorough critique of work sample (up to 25 pages), line edit of 1 personal statement (up to 700 words) and one meeting to discuss revisions and application process.
Custom Consultations start at $995.

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An editorial memo provides big picture feedback on a writing project, addressing plot and structure, continuity errors, theme, and character development. Writers can let their consultants know if they have specific areas of concern.
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A line edit is a meticulous and time-consuming process, that involves reading each sentence carefully and paying close attention to syntax, voice, phrasing, and grammar.
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